More Basic Holdem Strategy – Push or Fold

Holdem strategy doesn’t get simpler than push and fold. Indeed, push and fold strategy is about just that: reducing one’s options to two: pushing all-in or folding and getting out of the way. Push and fold is what the Harrington system recommends one do when he’s in an extremely short-stacked situation in a poker tournament, but the basic concept lends itself well to other situations too, although they all tend to be short-stacked. Resorting to push or fold can be profitable when large-stacked too, against certain types of players, under a given set of circumstances.

What exactly is push or fold strategy aimed at though? Its primary objective is to pick up compulsory bets (blinds and antes) through intimidation. Besides that it is also supposed to stem the senseless bleeding of chips which occurs when one limps only to fold on a later street. Last but not least, the push or fold strategy is meant to make one’s double-ups really make a difference.

Through the push or fold, one will maximize the impact of the few remaining chips that one has. Usually, when one is down to about 10 big blinds, the only strategy approach that makes sense is the push and fold.

One of the main advantages of Push or Fold is the fact that it lends itself well to beginners. Indeed, because it’s basically about simplifying the decision to an extreme, this strategy will sit extremely well with beginners. The touchiest point of push or fold resides in keeping track of one’s stack-size and accurately determining whether one is indeed dealing with a short-stack which calls for push or fold, or not.

Why is the all-in a better option than a raise in this situation? The answer is simple: when down to about 10 BBs, if you make a raise that you’re hoping to force a fold, you will pretty much shove all-in anyway. In addition, the all-in sends a stronger message too of course. is the home of the top poker rake rebate deals. click to visit rakemeback (US).

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