History Of First Person Shooters

The First person shooters are typically quite violent and sometimes attract the negative attention of parents, and supporters of censorship. They are adored by some, hated by others. However, history of First person shooters projects how the first person shooter has evolved to be more than just mindless violence.

Going through the FP Shooter games history, it is revealed that the first FPS is Wolfenstein, released in 1992 by id software. Taking the gaming world by storm with its super graphics, high quality sound, and unique playing style, it remained popular for a long time. In Wolfenstein, you play a POW in a German castle. To escape, you are able to wield a knife, pistol, machine gun, and gatling gun.

Doom was another hit in 1993, released by the same company: id software. This was a big turning pint in the First person shooters history. Being much more powerful and advanced than Wolfenstein , Doom’s featured a much larger variety of weapons. Its ability to stage multiplayer games was one of its main selling points. Doom’s success established id software as the king of FPS game developers. In doom, you play a marine and fight demons and zombies on a base on Mars.

In 1995, LucasArts made Star Wars into a FPS- Dark Forces. The game is inspired by Star Wars movies, and features a character named Kyle Katarn. But it was very similar to the Doom engine in appearance and game play.

Going further along the history of First person shooters, in 1996, Bethesda Softworks released their popular RPG/FPS named Daggerfall. During this time, FPS games were starting to merge with other genres. One could ride horses, fight enemies with swords, burglarize shops, join guilds, buy houses, and even become a vampire.

The king of FPS game developers, ID Software struck another triumph with the release of Quake in 1996.The game gained immense popularity. It was the first FPS to move from 2-dimensional pop-up enemies to fully 3-dimensional models. The gamers had to buy 3D accelerator cards for high performance. Quake 2, its sequel was released a year later in 1997, which won much acclaim from both the critics and gamers.

In 1997, GoldenEye 007, one of the most popular console FPSs of all time was released for Nintendo 64. Based on the movie of the same name, it featured addictive single and multiplayer action. It became one of the bestselling games due to the vast variety of weaponry that could be harnessed.

1998 saw the release of the game Half-Life by Valve, a relatively unknown development firm. Half-Life revolutionized the gaming world, making its place as the greatest in the First person shooters history. Featuring amazing graphics, a highly immersive environment, and a playing style made it suggestive of a movie. Another revolutionary game, Thief: The Dark Project was released in the same year, emphasizing the stealth element.

Monolith Productions released a game named "No One Lives Forever" in the year 2000. A large variety of gadgets to assist the gamers in their adventure, the game was highly appreciated by critics and won numerous awards.

In 2001, Bungie Studios released the game Halo for Xbox. It generated massive sales due to its addictive and challenging game play. Able to include up to 16 players at once, it became immensely popular. The story is futuristic and revolves around a marine named Master Chief fighting an alien cult and zombies.

An incredibly cinematic Doom 3 was released in 2004. With the story once again centered around a base on mars, the player could choose between a flashlight and firearm. The long-awaited Half-Life 2 was released in late 2004 after numerous delays. It made a place in the FP Shooter games history, as most gamers considering it to be the greatest first person shooter ever. Highly advanced graphics, an amazing physics engine, and a super artificial intelligence were its winning features.

The complete history of First person shooters in brief above shows how the First person shooters have continued to push the sheath of graphics, sound, and game play. It is amazing to see the new heights they have achieved in the past decade. Making the gaming experience much more cinematic and realistic, First person shooters immerse the player into a completely new fascinating world.

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