Difference Between First Person Shooters And Third Person Shooters

While most devoted gamers would know the difference between First person shooters and third person shooters, due to crossover of features and other recent overlaps, there continues to exist some confusion.

One of the most basic differences between the First person shooters and Third person shooter is the perspective of the character. In a First person shooters game, the player is the main character; and his viewpoint is through his own eyes. He does not see himself in the action but can view his surroundings like as in real life.

In First person shooters, you almost blow up everything you see. As the action is taking place through the eyes of the character, one can even see their hands or weapon at the bottom of the screen.

But in a third person shooter game, the player sees himself as a visible character on the screen. Third-person shooters allow players to see the surrounding environment of the character more clearly. Facilitating more interaction between the character and their surrounding environment, the gamer’s perspective is more optimal for interacting with objects. This is the main difference between FP Shooters and Third Person Shooters.

Viewing himself in the midst of the action from a 3rd person perspective, he can usually do some really kick-butt maneuvers like Jackie Chan style back flips and side rolls. Thus, the third-person perspective allows the game designer to develop a more strongly characterized avatar, and directs the player's attention as if watching a film.

Seeing the character gives you an enhanced sense of your physical movements and a more sharp awareness of your position in relation to the environment. In 3rd person shooter challenges, there is a unique feel and decreased risk of motion sickness- a complaint from some First person shooters. However, the third-person perspective can interfere with tasks that require fine aiming.

Recent developments allow you to get the best of both worlds. Borrowing the functionality of FPS games, the third-person shooter games of today have dual control methods and the off-center camera angle. As a result, you get superior mechanics combined with the complete point of view and connection to the character.

The boundaries between third-person and first-person shooters are not always clear. Today, you will come across several FPSgames that switch to a third-person viewpoint when the avatar is piloting a vehicle. The combination of first-person for aiming and third-person for driving has since been used in many other games like- Metroid Prime and Combat.

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