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Welcome to fullgamers.com. This website represents an opportunity to all the fans of first person shooters to know all about these games. FP games have become the biggest sellers in online PC games.

On our pages, you’ll start with - What are first person shooters and as well as get a peep in their history. Game design in FP shooters is discussed in detail along with the latest development in First person shooters. The FPS games of today help you sharpen your reflexes while you love the frantic blasting of enemies.

You will also get to know the difference between First person shooters and Third person shooters which will help you identify your preference. With the game designers wrestling with realism, which is a growing feature in FPS games in interactivity.

We're glad you are here at full gamers. So, just browse though the site and get to know all about the exciting world of First Person Shooters.

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