Game Design In First Person Shooters Discussed

Not all First person shooters succeed. One of the main reasons may be the game design in First person shooters. A well thought-out plan is necessary for the success of any FPS game.

Let us see how the FPS game design can make it look and feel like a masterpiece. All big FPS game nowadays are designed thoroughly before beginning to code them. Like most shooter games, First person shooters involve an avatar, one or more range of weapons, and a varying number of enemies. AS their environment is 3D, these games are more realistic than 2D shooter games. More accurate representations of gravity, lighting, sound and collisions take the gaming experience to a new high. The display of the character's hands and weaponry in the main view is common, along with a head up display showing health, ammunition and location details.

Combat and power-ups

Often the focus of First person shooters is the game play. Fast-paced action with bloody firefights and a greater emphasis on narrative, problem-solving and logic puzzles are common features behind the FPS game design. In some games, the weapons are especially powerful or less effective in other cases. Giving the players a choice of weapons, will surely impact the flow of the game. Some First person shooters games have highly realistic models of real weapons, including their rate of fire, size of ammunition, and accuracy. The level of realism varies between design elements.


Environments are an important aspect in the First person shooters game design. Sandbox environments are not divided into levels and can be explored freely. The environment can be damaged, also to varying degrees. Some environments are immensely destructible, allowing for additional visual effects. Often making use of science fiction, historic or modern military themes, with such antagonists as aliens, monsters, terrorists and soldiers of various types, FPS games feature multiple difficulty settings. In harder modes, enemies are tougher and more aggressive.


First person shooters may be structurally composed of levels. The technique of using a continuous narrative, the game never always focuses on the first person perspective. Interacting with the environment to varying degrees, from the very basics to problem solving puzzles, the First person shooters are divided into levels. Levels are one of the main focus behind the FPS game design.

Depending on your game type, you can choose different levels, or maps. Whether you want a hardcore single player mode or multiplayer mode, levels are a form of advancement through the game. Developers usually frame in a story line to keep the player hooked and immersed in the game. A map is a very well-designed environment on which there is usually no right way to go. Well-designed maps are the key to the First person shooters survival on the Internet and are aimed at the multiplayer aspect of a game. Using both maps and levels, is a competitive online mode to become a hit before release.


Specialized First person shooters may feature a multiplayer mode, designed specifically for multiplayer gaming. Thousands of players compete at once in a persistent world in massive multiplayer online FPS shooters. These games have a variety of different styles of match where the classic types are the death match. The teams may attempt to penetrate the opposing base, capture a flag and return it to their own base. They have to prevent the other team from doing the same. Multiplayer mode is of the main forte in game design in First person shooters.

Other multiplayer game modes may involve seizing the enemy bases and take control of an object for as long as possible while preventing other players. Players fight over the limited lives. Being customizable, the players are allowed to vary weapons, health and power-ups found on the map.

This functionality in FPS game design is powerful, and if used correctly, will make it an instant hit in the gaming market.

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