Latest Development In First Person Shooters

Today, the main task of a game designer in First person shooters is to wrestle with realism. This article throws light on the latest development in First person shooters games.

At a recent E3 game show in 1999, Bungie revealed a real-time strategy game called Halo. Microsoft bought Bungie in 2000. Halo was renewed and released as a FPS shooter, one of the launch titles for the Xbox console. Considered a premier console first person shooter, it was an instant critical and commercial success.

In 2004, the sequel, Halo 2 , used the medium of Xbox Live and brought the popularity of online-gaming to the console market. It became the most popular game for almost two years.

In 2005, a film based on Doom simulated the viewpoint and action of a first person shooter, but was critically ridiculed as being deliberately unintelligent and unnecessarily violent.

In 2006, Resistance: Fall of Man presented increasingly refined linear levels and narratives.

In 2007- Crysis and 2008- Far Cry 2 , reached new high in terms of graphics and large open-ended level design.

As of 2006, in terms of revenue for publishers, the First person shooters was one of the biggest and fastest growing video game genres.

Increasingly photorealistic quality is often promoted by developers of this era of 3D engines.The first games using Unreal Engine 3 were released in November 2006, where as the first games to use CryEngine 2 were released in 2007.

Including realistic shader-based materials with predefined physics, environments with procedural and vertex shader-based objects , procedural animation, cinematographic effects and unified lighting models with soft shadowing will be the hall mark of these games.

The new development in First person shooters create the setting and the tools to let players mould the game, add their own content or even replace everything but the game engine with an entirely different look and feel.

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